Winged Reiki

I have had a lot of Reiki clients over the past couple years but never one with feathers. I was not sure what to expect from this session.  I knew a little bit about her and had seen her in action a few times. My little feathered friend had quite a tough beginning. She was neglected and left in a back room for many years until she was rescued. Even after that experience she still really loves people and has helped more people  than anyone can even count. She is very friendly and definitely tunes into people right away. Knowing that she was the one used to helping and healing people I thought she might be open to Reiki. This particular Umbrella Cockatoo  is always on the move. She is very kinetic: she bobs and weaves and does lots of tricks it is rare that she is still even for a moment so that was going to be my biggest challenge. Even though she was not feeling well that day she was still quite active and playful. So her mom sat down on the couch with her and we started the session. At first she was walking around exploring and just  being her. I started with my hand a bit above her back just to see what she would do and how she felt. She kind of looked at me cocked her head and walked away. So I just kept sending her energy and then she walked back and climbed on my fingers, she got very still and then kind of went into a little trance. The first thing I noticed was that she was really only balancing on one leg and then I felt tons of energy running through. She was really pulling a lot for such a small little being I was surprised. Since I have never worked on a bird before it was fascinating. She was pulling at a very high frequency different than any other animal or person that I have ever worked on. I was watching her and she was blinking and kind of closing her eyes as if she was going to fall asleep. I have never seen her so still.  It was really an honor to experience her energy and be allowed to work with her on an that  level. After a while she had taken in enough   and she  just looked up and made a little sound and then started bobbing and doing her little  happy dance. It truly was a unique session, and I am looking forward to seeing her again soon.