The approach is key when working with animals and Reiki. Animals appreciate being given control of the session: in other words, being allowed to say “yes” or “no” to the session¬†as well as determining the way the session will unfold. We will always honor the animal’s wishes

  • We Always begin by asking permission of the animal directly, or by setting an intention that we are open to facilitate the healing process for the animal for as much energy as they are open to receive, or none at all (this is a form of permission).
  • We do not to initiate hands-on contact when working with an animal. Always allowing the animal patient to be the one to initiate contact.
  • We always allow the animal to move freely in the session space. By paying attention to what the animal is telling us by their behavior about how he or she wants to be given the session.
  • Animals appreciate a passive and open approach. By “offering” the energy in a non-assertive manner. We create a Reiki bubble which the animal can move into and out of freely, if he or she wants to participate in their session.
  • The length of the session is always determined by the animal patient it may be a short as 15 minutes or as long as sixty minutes.

After we finish the session, we always thank the animal for participation in the session, and see if they have any insight for us to discuss with their pet parent or guardian.