Intuitively we all know what is best for our being at any particular time. Sometimes it just takes a bit to listen to ourselves and trust our intuition.

This also applies to our pets. Dogs, Cats and Horses are highly intuitive and energetic beings. They are very tuned in to their human families and instinctually want to create a calm and productive family/pack/ herd

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. They have 300 million olfactory receptor cells vs. humans 5 million The interesting thing about dogs is not only can they smell physical issues in humans ( cancer, seizures, diabetes) They can also smell emotions. Each emotion has a different scent; fear, sadness anger. So when you come home from your day they know exactly how you feel. I mention that because essential oils as you know can help change emotions or allow a release that will facilitate that change. So it is important that you allow your pup to pick his oils as he or she knows better than an anyone, what will help them balance out.

New Data Cats have 200million olfactory receptors which is much higher than the previously thought info of 80 million so depending on their mood they might let you know which oils they like … Also cats lack a certain liver enzyme Glucuronyl Transferase, to process higher phenol oils so just be aware of that once we talk about topical use ….

Horses tend to really love essential oils… So open a few bottles and allow them to choose their oils, watch what nostril they sniff out of first. If it is the left side that tends to be more of an emotional issue, which the oil can help as well. Horses will tend to try and lick/ eat your bottles so just be prepared especially if it is peppermint

Choice and permission are really important as we want the oils to make your pup feel better and not trapped or overwhelmed. Dogs have great memories so if they have a bad experience it will be a lot harder to get them back on board, same with cats and horses.

So try these steps so your pets will love the oils as much as you do

There are a few ways to introduce oils
1. Open the lids a bit and let them sniff each one individually no more than three at a time so they don’t get overwhelmed see which ones they are drawn to.
Usually if your pet likes them they will come closer and get a stronger whiff and they may even try to lick the bottle which may or may not taste good so up to you.
2.Another way to introduce oils is put a drop on your hands rub it in and let your dog smell it that way.
3.You can also put a drop on your pants and walk around and see what kind of reaction you get
4.Then there is always diffusing start out with 1 to 2 drops and put the diffuser in an open area ie living room, bedroom etc just be sure your dog or cat can get up and leave if they want.

Ok next post we will go over topical application and diffusion, diffusion diffusion.