So before we start let me just say this every person and every pet is different. For instance some people can eat an entire bag of peanuts no problem some people just smell peanuts and go into anaphylactic shock.

You know your pet the best, as they are your pet. Some dogs love oils some not so much… So take your pet into account and use this info accordingly. If you haven’t used oils on your pets before start really slowly and pay attention to details and their reactions. Less is always more so start really slow and you can always build up to a higher tolerance. The oils are amazing and also very powerful which is a good thing unless you over do it… Think one glass of wine vs one whole bottle or one square of chocolate vs the entire bar… (I’ve done that one oops)

So that being said here are some good ways to apply oils to your pet
First introduce the oils …see part one Once you have established which oils they like that day then there are a few ways you can apply

1.You can create a spray this allows for good dilution and it will absorb but not be oily or sticky. Add a few drops of the oil to a spray bottle for this example let’s say we are going to make a flea prevention spray see attached ( critter collar) you can make it into a spray too … In an 4 or 8oz spray bottle put 2 drops lavender, 2drops purification, 2 drops peppermint 2 drops citronella and add water… this is one of many flea prevention recipes …then you can spray on your hands and rub into your dogs fur. Most dogs don’t love being sprayed, which is why I suggest putting it on your hands If your dog doesn’t mind being sprayed than just spray on and rub it in .

Same if you have an anxious pup, see which calming oil they like and you can spray it on their favorite bed or blanket and of course you can spray it on your hands and pet them start at the top of their head and pet down either side of the spine that allows the oils to get in and also pulls that energy down and out of their head.

2. Applying with a carrier oil I have attached a dilution chart so refer to that or one that you may prefer. I am always erring on the side of caution so it may differ from others. It is important to know that diluting the oils does not make them less effective or powerful it just slows down the absorption time so it creates less of a heat/red response on the skin.
If your pup does have a reaction always add more carrier oil to soothe never add water. 
Side note Coconut oil is great to use for skin irriatations and hot spots it has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

3. Certain oils can be applied “neat” just the oil but if you are just starting to use these on your pup I would dilute until you figure out his or her tolerance.