Your pet’s acupressure sessions will begin with the traditional 4 exams.

The four exams are used to get an overall picture of your pet’s current mental and physical state.

The four exams are as follows:

1. Visual Observation – Mental and physical

2. Listening/Smelling

3. History of your pet to include where he or she came from, what you know about his/her parents’ daily routine and lifestyle, diet, medical history, quirks, etc…

4. Physical examination of Coat/Skin, Muscle Condition, Eyes, Nose, Ears, Mouth/Teeth and Gums, Reaction to touch and Overall Body heat patterns

Once this has been assessed we will again check in with your pet and ask permission to begin the session.

Sessions may last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour… it all depends on what your pet is up for on that particular day.

We will do an opening and assess the points on the bladder meridian which is located 1.5 cun off the dorsal midline. From there we will determine a series of points to use on the body of the animal. Depending on the age, health and overall state of your pet we choose approximately 2 to 6 points to work with for the session.

During the session we will observe the reaction of the animal; it may be something as subtle as licking lips or sighing to a big yawn, stretching or sleeping.

Once the session is complete we will close the bladder meridian to balance out the animal and give the pet parent some recommendations…. and maybe even a few points to try in between our sessions.

Acupressure uses a Circadian time clock. Qi circulates through the meridian system once every twenty four hours so full acupressure sessions should only be conducted once every 72 hours giving the body time to process the effects of the session.