Wellness For All Creatures began because of a love for animals, not just mine but for all animals. Our pets give us the gift of unconditional love everyday, and through Reiki we can restore peace, balance and happiness to their lives and the lives of all creatures.

We are currently volunteering our time to work with therapy animals to make sure they are feeling their best. We are fortunate to be able to help all different types of animal from birds to bunnies to horses. And of course dogs and cats. All of them truly appreciate the work as they are helping people all the time and need to be recharged every so often they can continue their amazing work.

We are also working with shelter animals to help them overcome some of their challenges and get them into loving homes as soon as possible.

“If we as humans can be balanced, loving and true to ourselves the world will vibrate at a much higher level and we will be happier, healthier and open to receive and give all the love that the Universe has to offer.”

Love and Light,