In 2012 Pet Parents in the US spent 26 billion dollars on their pets vet and medical bills

The APPA tracks pet trend and statics in the US. It is really interesting see how the this industry has grown. In 1994 17 billion dollars was spent on our pets in the US, as of 2012 Pet Parents spent 52 billion dollars on our pets. The number of pets per household has also increased.

According to the APPA this is what we spent on annual vet visits in 2011/12
Dogs: Surgical Vet Visits $407      Routine Vet $248
Cats: Surgical Vet Visits $425       Routine Vet  $219

I am not sure if these stats include CAM but I am guessing they do not. It would be intriguing to see if those that use Complimentary and Alternative Medicine and visit Holistic practitioners and Veterinarians ultimately spend less with better or equal quality of life for their pets.

Hopefully as the demand for CAM grows in this industry the APPA will include these categories in their research and statistics.

The Link below has some interesting stats that may surprise you so click away