Doctors and Veterinarians Get Together To Discuss The Similarities In Mammals From Diseases To Emotional Disorders

The New York gathering is the third of its kind, and the biggest yet. The event is named after and inspired by the 2012 best-selling book “Zoobiquity: The Astonishing Connection Between Human and Animal Health,” written by cardiologist, wildlife enthusiast, and UCLA professor Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz.

During the conference, pairs composed of one physician and one veterinarian each will discuss their version of the same cross-species case: an eating disorder in both a beagle and a middle-aged woman; neurodegenerative disease in both a 10-year-old boxer and a 45-year-old man; an anxiety disorder in both a pit bull and a 25-year-old woman.

What is really interesting about their research is the similarities of emotional issues.  The Scientific community is starting to acknowledge that all mammals have the same capacity for emotions and anxiety.  This is really important as it could, and should change the way we treat non-human mammals ie; classifications, testing and overall well being.

Let’s say mammals have the emotional and mental capacity of  a three year old,( I am sure we will discover that it is much greater in time) would we allow for the same treatment. For example  would we put three years olds in cages an use them for experiments?  Would we house them in really small quarters and make them perform for us for food?  Would we euthanize them if we could not find homes for them? Would we tie them up in the backyard for hours on end etc.  As humans learn more about our fellow mammals it maybe time to really adjust our thinking and treatment of these beings

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