Evidence Based Study… Two Acupuncture Points Improve And Save Brain Function After An Ischemic Incident.

 Research demonstrates that specific electro-acupuncture frequencies result in superior neurological functional recovery following ischemic incidents. A recent study demonstrates that specific electro-acupuncture interventions protect the structural integrity of astrocytes and exert a protective mechanism in the brain following cerebral ischemic injuries. Researchers discovered that electro-acupuncture applied bilaterally to LI11 (Quchi) and ST36 is effective in preserving the structural integrity of astrocytes, important regulators of neuronal survival following ischemic brain injuries.

So two take aways from this; If points are applied after there is an incident, ie stroke or any injury that prevents the brain from receiving an adequate supply of blood and oxygen these points will help reverse brain damage. In addition there is also the possibility that using these points will help maintain the integrity of the brain. So something to think about especially for older people and  pets.

Full article below and points for humans and canines