If You or Your Pet Are Stressed… Out Maybe Add Some Probiotics

In TCM each meridian holds an emotion. For the Spleen and Stomach meridians (they are sisters) the emotion is worry and  it can also manifest as anxiety and/ or  OCD behaviors.

They have done a few animal based studies and now a human one, where they have determined that the flora in the stomach can signal to the brain creating a stress or calming  response depending on the flora and bacteria  count in the stomach.  Probiotics create the good bacteria and a nice environment for the flora so if you have an anxious pup ; ie separation  anxiety, overly mouthy, or constantly worried.  Adding a Probiotic may be a helpful tool along with Acupressure, Acupuncture, or thunder-shirts.   Be sure and ask your veterinarian if  it is ok to add Probiotics to your pets diet.

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