If You Or Your Pet Have Heart Issues, This Is One Point You Need To Have In Your Tool Box



HCM, Cardiomyopathy, Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Attacks are all issues humans and pets suffer from…

According to this study PC6 can help.  It can be used prophylactically or post issue.  This is pretty exciting as it has implications on a cellular level and may create change in the body. Obviously it won’t fix the situation but may allow the body to function more efficiently and prevent further inflammation and damage. So if you or your pup or kitty have a murmur or other heart issues this may be a great point to use.  This point can be used in conjunction with your current treatment plan prescribed by your vet.

Point and full article below

Numerous other pathways demonstrated the same healthy effects of acupuncture pretreatment on heart tissue and function. The researchers conclude, “PC6 Neiguan acupoint specifically regulated cardiac muscle contraction, vascular smooth muscle contraction, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, oxidative phosphorylation, inflammation and immune response, and apoptosis pathways, thus effectively protected against I/R (myocardial ischemia reperfusion) injury in a pretreatment approach.” 

The findings demonstrate that acupuncture care helps to prevent damage to the heart in cases where there is a sudden lack of blood, oxygen and nutrients. This investigation looks at the effects of acupuncture in a pretreatment scenario and therefore points to acupuncture as preventative care for the heart. Acupuncture’s cardioprotective effects have now been documented through numerous biomedical tests in study.




Humans: Inside of the foreman between the tendons approx 2 cun or three finger widths above the crease in the wrist _

Dogs and Cats: Inside of the front limb  between the tendons three cun above the crease in the wrist ( transverse carpal crease)

CUN  means  tiny measurement.  Every dog, cat and person has their on cun  to find it….half the distance between the elbow and the wrist, half the distance again, and half it again. For most people it is about 2 finger widths for dogs and cats it varies based on size.