If Your Dog Has Allergies, Leaky Gut Syndrome May Be A Cause

Allergies are one of the toughest problems to deal with for humans and pets.

I have several clients with various allergies and 90% of the time, if they change their diet they see solid  improvement.  If your dog has severe or moderate allergies diet and digestion may be a great place to start; along with a few acupressure points to support the immune system.   (see below)

This is an oldie but a goodie from the Whole Dog Journal

Ask a dozen health experts about allergies and you’ll get at least that many theories about what they are, why they happen, and how to fix them.

What’s interesting is that even when they disagree, most allergy theories point to the same underlying causes. This is because allergic reactions are symptoms of a deeper imbalance. Dogs don’t develop allergies because they are exposed to allergens. Dogs are exposed to allergens all the time, usually with no reaction. Dogs develop allergies with implications of skin problems because something has made them vulnerable, and the culprit is often a combination of diet, stress, conventional medical treatments, heredity, and environmental factors.

Leaky gut syndrome

Also known as intestinal permeability, leaky gut syndrome is exactly what it sounds like, a condition in which damage to the small intestine creates spaces between cells in the intestinal lining, spaces that are large enough to allow fragments of partially digested food, toxins, and bacteria to migrate from the intestinal tract into the bloodstream. The results include impaired digestion, incomplete absorption of nutrients, and the presence of what the immune system identifies as foreign invaders throughout the body. The immune system responds with its usual weapons, which produce inflammation and allergic reactions.

Soon the liver and kidneys, the body’s main filters, become overwhelmed, and toxins spill over into the bloodstream, which carries bacteria, toxins, and partially digested food particles to muscles and connective tissue throughout the body. Leaky gut syndrome is blamed for respiratory and skin allergies, arthritis, irritable bowel disease, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and a host of other problems.

Leaky gut syndrome is a vicious cycle. Something (usually diet-related) causes injury to the small intestine, resulting in impaired digestion, which leads to bacterial overgrowth and other problems, resulting in further damage, and the cycle continues. Some of the conditions blamed for leaky gut syndrome include high-carbohydrate diets, antibiotics, parasites, yeast or fungal infections, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and mineral deficiencies. Some of these, such as parasite infestations, yeast or fungal infections, and mineral deficiencies, can result from the syndrome as well as help cause it.

At Reinhardt Ranch Holistic Nutrition Center for Pets in Elk Grove, California, nutritional consultant Elaine Reinhardt hears every day from people whose dogs have chronic allergies. “Leaky gut syndrome is at the root of many illnesses,” she says, “including autoimmune diseases, joint diseases, and allergic reactions. Since much of your immune function is in your gut, it makes sense to look there first. Certainly this is true when it comes to allergies.”

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Here is another great article on leaky gut from Dr Karen Becker

Story at-a-glance

  • Your pet’s gastrointestinal (GI) health depends on a healthy balance of gut bacteria
  • An imbalance of gut bacteria can lead to dysbiosis, also called leaky gut syndrome, which in turn can lead to a long list of GI and other disorders
  • The primary cause of dysbiosis in dogs and cats is overuse of antibiotics. Other contributors include a processed diet, parasitic infections, and vaccines
  • Healing your pet’s leaky gut involves addressing the diet and providing appropriate supplements
  • Probiotics play a crucial role in both preventing and treating leaky gut syndrome and antibiotic-associated gastrointestinal side effects


Here  are a few points to try out and help your pet

Points for immune system and allergies

LI4 is on the medial side where the dew claw would be  just hold on to it lightly for a bit or lightly move your fingers in a circular motion if they will tolerate that.  LI4  it is a great point for  immune issues and allergies or allergic reactions and autoimmune  . It is also a source point so balances out the immune system. Also the master point for the face and mouth

LI11 in the outside or lateral crease of the elbow. Helps with skin issues due to heat in the blood.  Good for hot spots or itchy red skin

St36 find the front of the knee and slide your finger down into the little groove on the lateral side of each knee  This point serves double duty it calms the mind and helps with anxiety and any kind of physical stress that  produce  anxiety . It is also a great immune point and supports the immune system in case it has been over stressed . In addition it  helps with digestive issues

Sp6 3 cun above the medial malleolus or ankle bone this point is on the bone so just follow it up threeish finger widths on the  inside of the back leg. This is a great point to increase blood flow and healing. It also reduces swelling and inflammation

Liv3 between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal balances out the liver and helps with heat rising , and angst also a great point for detox