Is Your Dogs Collar Creating Medical Issues

Collars are very fashionable and should be used for identification, but not for walking or running  with your pet. Can you imagine something pulling on your neck to the point of choking you every time you went past a certain point. The wear and tear on your cervical spine would be enormous, As it is with your pet if he or she is always corrected with a collar . You have seen dogs get so excited to see their friends or chase after something that they literally  choke themselves. Every time that happens it can actually damage the nerves, ligaments and discs around the cervical area and this can result in an early onset or escalation of the following:

Collars used for walking may aggravate the following in  dogs that are predisposed to:

  • Wobblers syndrome (Doberman Pinschers, Great Danes and other breeds)
  • Spinal cord disorders or Chiari malformation (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and other toy breeds)
  • Slipped discs in the spinal column (Dachshunds, French bulldogs)
  • Hydrocephalus or water on the brain (toy breeds and dogs with shortened heads)
  • Collapsible trachea (Yorkshire terriers and other small breeds)
  • Beagles as the discs their cervical vertebrae tend to bulge and the collar stress can truly aggravate this condition.
  • Seizures

In addition there is research that is now pointing to colllars as a contributer to thyroid issues…

…and possible seizure activity  per Dr Karen Becker

“Cervical subluxation can also cause seizures, and this is something many pet owners don’t realize. I see this type of seizure a lot in dogs that are chained outside. They run out the length of their chain chasing after a bunny, and when the chain snaps back against the neck it causes a high cervical traumatic injury of either the C1 vertebrae (the atlas) or C2, the axis.

The C1 is the first cervical vertebrae in animals, and it articulates with the brain stem. When there is increased cerebrospinal fluid pressure in the brain stem, it can lead to a seizure.”

So get your dog an amazing collar and keep your tags on it. But when you take him or her for a walk, or out to play be sure and put on their harness so they can have a happy, healthy and pain free time.