Is Your Dog’s Water Causing Arthritis Like Symptoms?

Skeletal Fluorosis is a painful, debilitating disease caused by a build up of fluoride in the body. Early stages are marked by stiffness and painful joints, mimicking arthritis. Later stages are defined by “severe deformities as the ligaments of the neck and vertebrae calcify (harden), muscle tissue wastes away, and movement becomes more and more limited.” according to Elizabeth Renter of Natural Society

Most patients suffering from skeletal Fluorosis show side effects from the high fluorine dose such as ruptures of the stomach lining and nausea.[8]Fluorine can also damage the thyroid gland leading to hyperparatthyroidism, the uncontrolled secretion of parathyroid hormones.

These hormones regulate calcium concentration in the body. An elevated parathyroid hormone concentration results in a depletion of calcium in bone structures and thus a higher calcium concentration in the blood. As a result, bone flexibility decreases making the bone more amenable to fractures.[9]n

Flouride is cumulative in the body, it is found in our drinking water and in most commercial pet foods.  So keep an eye on your pooch especially if they are older and have been drinking tap water their whole life.  If your pet  is starting to get  a little stiffer and not as mobile this may be one of the reasons.    It is always recommended to see your vet to discuss.  In some cases eliminating Fluoride from your pets diet may improve their symptoms.

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If your pet is getting a little stiff or has arthritis here are some good points to try.

Bai Hui At the lumbar sacral space or the universal spot on dogs there is a little dip and it is right before the tail meets the lumbar spine;   this is a great point for lower back and hip and leg stiffness and pain and a great calming and connecting point

BL 40 Right behind the knee use in conjunction with Bai Hui on both legs This is the master point for hip and back benefits low back hip and strengthens stifles. Also benefits the hip and knee joint pain

ST 36 find the front of the knee and slide your finger down into the little groove on the lateral side of each knee  This point serves double duty good point for lower back pain It is also a great immune point

GB34 Between the head of thetibia and head of the fibula on the lateral side of the back leg down from the kneecapThe point is found on the lateral aspect of the hind limb between the head of the tibia and fibula you can feel a space between the two bones and there will be a stop where the bones meet and a little depression that your finger will fall into.GB34 it is the influential point for tendons and ligaments  and is the sister meridian of the liver. helps strengthen his tendons and ligaments in hind legs also helps with blood flow.

Bl 60 Ki3  top of the hock thin skin your fingers will slide into it on either side it is kind of like our Achilles this is actually two points Ki3 and BL60 K3 is a source point good for the kidneys which house original chi this will tonify source chi helps with circulation and Arthritis. Kidney’s Sister Meridian is the Bladder so that is helpful as well BL 60 is called the aspirin point and is good one to help with pain and stiffness in body .

Sp6   3 cun above the medial malleolus or ankle bone this point is on the bone so just follow it up two finger widths on the  inside of the back leg. This is a great point to increase blood flow. It also reduces inflammation

Liv3  between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal balances out the liver and also a great point for detox and  tendons and ligaments  

Liv2 medial aspect of the 2nd digit distal to the metatarsal phalangial joint Relieves liver fire, Dispels wind, calms agitation