Is Your Pet Afraid To Go To The Vet… We Have Points For That :-)


Going to the Vet can be stressful for pets and pet Parents. Even if it is just for a physical .. Cats are notorious for hating car rides, and dogs; once they figure out where they are going tend to get pretty stressed out . This stress level can actually effect their blood work . When your pet is really stressed glucose levels can rise as can certain liver enzymes..   So try some acupressure points to see if you can ease your pets stress. Start them a week before your scheduled vet appointment and see if you notice a difference.  Try to stay calm too maybe let your pet know where they are going and  why as this may calm both of you down a bit… These points can be used for other stressful situations as well ..

The study, links and points are below..

Happy stress free pointing 🙂

Researchers conducted another double-blinded study and concluded that both auricular acupuncture and body acupuncture are effective in reducing pre and post-operative anxiety. Pre and post-perative anxiety has been identified in approximately 80 percent of patients, which prompted this investigation. The ear acupuncture group received needle stimulation at point ear Shenmen. The body acupuncture group received acupuncture needle stimulation at Du20, Si Shen Cong, Yin Tang, LV3 and ST36. The needles were 0.25-.30mm in diameter and ranged between 25-40mm in length. Needle depth ranged from 0.2cm to 0.5cm. Acupuncture therapy was administered for a period of four weeks at two sessions per week for a total of eight acupuncture treatments. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment principles were to increase lucidity, tranquilize by nourishing the Heart, calm the nerves and regulate the Qi. Both ear and body style acupuncture were effective in significantly reducing anxiety.

Here are the points and diagram below…. PS they work for humans too

GV20 On top of the head, in a notch just forward of boney protuberance on the midline, between the ears. Clears brain calms mind quiets anxiety

 Se Shen Cong  finger widths on each side of  GV20 ( see below) creates calmness and peace in the mind

Yin Tang    Located on the midline of the dog’s head just above the level of the eyes.  Relieves anxiety, calms mind creates focus and awareness

St36 find the front of the knee and slide your finger down into the little groove on the lateral side of each knee  This point serves double duty it calms the mind and helps with anxiety and any kind of physical stress that  produce  anxiety . It is also a great immune point and supports the immune system in case it has been over stressed.

 Liv3  between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal bones  helps control and dissipate  heat rising liver wind, anger and angst.


anxiety points for vet visits