It’s Winter Time And In TCM That Means It Is Kidney Season.. So Are Your Pets Kidney’s Balanced? Here Are Some Signs To Look For According To TCM

It’s Winter Time And In TCM That Means It Is Kidney Season..So Are Your Pets Kidney’s Balanced? Here Are Some Signs To Look For According To TCM

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the Kidney is our source chi and produces our life force energy. It’s sister meridian is the bladder and according to the 5 element theory a part of TCM, Winter is Kidney and Bladder season. So we will look at the Kidney from a TCM perspective in this blog and then explore the Kidney from a functional standard in the next blog.

The Kidney, known in Chinese as Shen, is a Yin organ, The Kidney and Bladder are sisters so when all is well they work together in harmony keeping the body and all of its organs hydrated and functioning. The Kidneys are the “root of life” because they are the source of the Yin and Yang for all the other organs. The Kidneys are the source of Original Chi, or “Pre-Natal Chi” which is derived from the Chi of the puppy’s or kitten’s parents.

Although the Kidney is a Yin organ it also has Yang energy Kidney Yin provides for birth, growth and reproduction, while Kidney Yang is the moving force behind every physiological process of the body.

The Kidneys are responsible for the life force energy of the dog’s or cat’s body. They control Jing, the Essence of life.

What do the Kidneys do? (TCM)

The Kidney plays a vital role in the body some of the kidneys functions include:

Storing essence and governing birth, growth, reproduction and development
Producing marrow, fill up the brain and control bones
Dominating water metabolism
Controlling the reception of Chi
Opening to the ears
Manifesting in the hair
Controlling the lower two orifices
Housing will power
Controlling fear based emotion and balanced threat assessment
Belonging to the Water Element

Source chi or Kidney chi is similar to our genetics but can be affected by outside influences or pathogens (or epigenetics)

For instance if your pet was born in a safe environment with proper food caring and responsible fur and human parents odds are their source chi will be strong barring any genetic issues.

If you have a rescue, odds are the source chi may be affected by their past environment and circumstances. ie: fear based issues, nutrition, etc but a lot of this can be remedied with proper care, nutrition and lots of love and patience

So if your pup or kitten has strong or balanced kidney chi,they will have a nice full coat with good quality fur A solid skeletal structure strong bones, healthy teeth, great hearing strong lungs ( kidneys pull lung chi down into the body ) good bladder control and a balanced fear response with controlled threat assessment.

Common Canine and Feline Indicators of an Imbalance of the Kidney Meridian

-Development and growth issues

-Bone problems including:

-Fractures, overgrowth of bone, jaw and teeth abnormalities, periodontal issues

– Dull lifeless coat

– Oily or Dry Fur

-Lack of energy or enthusiasm

Common Emotional Indicators of an Imbalance in the Kidney Meridian Each organ system in TCM has an emotional component. Kidney houses fear:

-Easily frightened

– Chronic anxiety

– Fear based aggression

So now you know a little bit about the Kidney and its function in TCM, for more info on the Kidneys, here is a good overview

One great point to balance out the Kidney is KI3

Next blog we will look into what happens as our pets get older; how it affects their kidneys’ and what you can do to support your pets so they can have a long and happy life.

KI3 BL60 top of the hock thin skin your fingers will slide into it on either side it is kind of like our Achilles this is actually two points KI3 and BL60 KI3 is a source point good for the kidneys which house original chi this will tonify source chi and give your pet a little boost also helps with bone marrow, brain function . Kidneys also house fear so this will help to Kidney’s Sister Meridian is the Bladder so that is help to balance that out as well BL 60 is called the aspirin point and is good one to help with pain and stiffness in body. These two points are commonly used together as they are on sister meridians

KI3 BL60