Listen Up Old Dogs… Trouble Hearing? We Have A Point For That ..

New MRI research -Acupuncture for hearing loss.

The researchers note that manual manipulation of acupuncture point SJ3 (TB3, Zhongzhu) causes brain hemodynamic responses in the auditory cortex. The brain response is accompanied by an increase in auditory cortex signal strength thereby indicating a modulatory effect of acupuncture needle stimulation on the brain’s ability to react to auditory.


Now the great news hear is that it is mainly one point TH-3… Which is easy to find and use on your pet or your human .. Just lightly place your finger on the point and hold until it heats up, or your pup licks or chews or yawns, or just pulls their paw away. So try this out for a week or two and see if you notice any results.  Let us know if you do … 🙂