New Study Finds St36 Is An Acupuncture Point Effective In Reducing Malignant Bone Cancer Tumors

New research finds acupuncture effective in reducing malignant bone cancer tumor growth when applied in early stages. Acupuncture was also shown to reduce lung metastasis when applied in an early stage of development. The University of Minnesota and Medical College of Wisconsin researchers suggest that the ability of acupuncture to reduce bone tumor growth and lung metastasis may be related to its ability to reduce tumor associated inflammation.

I bring up St36 a lot, as it is a very useful point for so many issues. This study has shown that it may actually stop the growth of Osteosarcoma tumors as well as prevent cancer from metastasizing to the lungs  There is still a debate whether Acupuncture is contraindicated for Cancer but for bone cancer it may actually be a helpful.

There have been several studies that indicate that large breed dogs who are neutered or spayed  before one year of age tend to be more likely to have Osteosarcoma or bone cancer so if your pup is a rescue or was spayed or neutered early  St36  would be a great point to use on a daily or weekly basis as a preventitive measure.

Click below to read the full article and always consult with your vet first. Happy pointing