This One Is For The Humans …. But Can Be Applied To Your Pets

This is a really long and interesting article on Gut Bacteria and how the balance plays a huge role in everything from preventing cancer to emotional health, to the obvious fighting obesity.  This article although based on humans has some valid points for our pets.  Foods that create inflammation do far more damage than just  making us feel sluggish and gaining weight.  In TCM there is a saying if the stomach is strong the outcome is good ;and  as usual with TCM there is a lot of wisdom behind that saying …

If our microbiota plays a role in keeping us healthy, then how about attacking disease by treating the microbiota? After all, our community of microbes is quite plastic. New members can arrive and take up residence. Old members can get flushed out. Member ratios can shift. The human genome, meanwhile, is comparatively stiff and unresponsive. So the microbiota represents a huge potential leverage point in our quest to treat, and prevent, chronic disease. In particular, the “forgotten organ,” as some call the microbiota, may hold the key to addressing our single greatest health threat: obesity.

Happy eating.