Spring Is Almost Here…In TCM That Is Liver And Gallblader Season… So Be Sure Your Pets Has A Harmonies Flow Of Chi

spring puppy


In Chinese Medicine, The season for the Liver and Gallbladder Meridians is Spring. The Liver is responsible for the harmonious  flow of chi in the body. Along with energetics and nourishment for the entire body.  It is also known as the strategic planner and is involved in all aspects of  body functions. The other organ systems are very dependent on the Liver. It has a tendency to accumulate stagnant energy, particularly in the winter when people and pets  may not be as active.  We tend to hibernate a bit more in the Winter time and the months of eating heavier, heat producing foods, staying indoors and lack of exercise add to the difficulty that is found in making the transition from winter to spring.

If the Liver becomes stagnant, we see all kinds of imbalances in the body. We see emotions intensified, frustration and irritability are common, along with more anger and/or feelings of depression. We see headaches and other aches and pains throughout the body and we see eye problems, such as red or itchy, teary eyes and many other symptoms due to the Liver’s inability move chi throughout the body. One of the other results of a Liver  imbalance can be seizures. Seizures can spike in the spring time if the liver is not balanced.

This is why it is so important at this time, to get rid of any stagnation or accumulation that may have developed over the winter months, so that the growth process can proceed smoothly, and harmoniously. Wind is considered a pathogen in the body and Liver wind, is one of the causes of Seizures. So if you or your pet are prone to seizures due to Liver wind now is a good time to slowly start making sure that your chi is flowing and you are walking or exercising a bit more to help ease that transition into spring.  If you or your pet are seizure prone it is a great time to start supporting the liver to help with the transition into spring. Acupoints, exercise and a good clean diet will take some of the stress of the Liver and help it to maintain the harmonious flow of chi in the body.

Here is an interesting article from the FVMACE on seizures and their causes as it related to TCM.  They also provide some good acupoints to work with, either in conjunction with Western Medicine or on their own.



Below are three points you can use to help support the liver during our transition into spring

Sp6   3 cun above the medial malleolus or ankle bone this point is on the bone so just follow it up two finger widths on the  inside of the back leg. Supports  and  Toniifes Liver, Kidney and Spleen
 Liv3  between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal  (back legs)  balances out the liver and helps with heat rising , and angst also a great point for detox and over thinking and seizures
Liv2 (back legs)  medial aspect of the 2nd digit distal to the metatarsal phalangial joint Relieves liver fire, Dispels wind, calms agitation 
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